Welcome to our "Smile Pages It's been said: "Laughter is the best medicine". This collection of "SMILES" is not intended to relflect negatively against anyone's religion or belief, but is shared for those who believe that laughter is "good medicine".


Country Funeral

The Ears Have It

The Parrot

Some Things To Ponder In Life

Young Businessman

 Addicted To The Internet

Is The Dog Dead?

Psalms 51:2-4

Lettuce Patch

Just Smile

Crime Doesn't Pay

Haveing A Bad Day?

True Stories

You Know You're Getting Older When:

A Shaving Funny


The Hermit

Thinking Experiment

Dear Son

Word Processor

True Life Stories

Two Priests

The Baptist Dog?

Catholic Horses

Do You Know That .... ?

3 Contractors

Farmers Comparison

 This Crazy Language

Work vs Prison

Visual Effects

PC Cars

Introduction To Chinese

Things You Have To Know

Grandma Speaks

Things I Have Learned

The B.C.

Kitchen Qoute

 Keyboard Restaurant Menu

Addicted to Coffee

Age Is A Funny Thing

Selling Bibles

One For You, One For Me

A Problem and A Problem

Taiwanese Tourist at Immigration

Biblical Laws For Children

Biblical Riddles

Acts 2:38

 Ten Commandments Of E-mail

Thermodynamic Of Hell

Three Chairs

A Letter All Us

More intelligence-challenged people

Forest Service Complaints

Welfare Application Goofs

The Pastor's Plight

TV  Dinner

Lunch, the HP Way

Computer Acronyms

Computer Too Long

Peanuts On The Coffee Table

Postman's Final Posting


Bus Driver

Forrest Gump

Traveling Soon

Judge With A Past

Who Feels The Worst?

Dying Widow

Birth Order

Can You Give Me A Push

The Wrist Watch

 Charitable Donations

A Matter Of Taste

Rolls Royce

Famous Qoutes

Tie Required

A Little More Bread

Two Dogs

Mail To Son

Snail Benevolent Fund

The Good Cat

The Greatest Man

Why do spouses stay together?

Teaching Greek History

Who Is Most Religious?

The Three Trees 

Learning Spirituality From A Dog

Let There Be Peace

The Perfect Pastor

A Professional


The Number of the Beast

Morbus Sabbaticus

Singing in the Choir

Real Miracle

Naval Efficiency

The New Horse

Not Feeling Well

Old Friends

Opening A Can

The Pager


The Gate Is Broken

The Florist's Mistake

Living A Long Healthy Life



NT-OT and Coffee Pot

Star Of David

Talk About Faith


Gather at the River


For The Sick

Baseball In Heaven



Something Religious


Big Bucks

False Teeth

I Come Quickly

Conversion Class


Spell A Word

Walking On Water

The River

Priest's Blessing

Wrong Address

Religious Programmers

Goldberg Nails

Noah's Ark

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