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Big and the Small Souls

He Touched Me

Where Is The Time

What Really Matters

The Second Mile

Late for Breakfast

Through Parent's Eyes

Stylish Saints

The Scripture Tree

I Found A Penny



File It Away

He hit the "world" on the head!!

I Have Lost My Faith in God

One Shall Be Taken

When It is NOT Your Time To Go

What Matters

The Mender


Someone Else is Watching

To My Dear Friend

He Saw the Point



You Utter Some 30,000 Words a Day

The  Stethoscope

Is God Dancing On Your Potato Chips?

The Train Wreck

Cardboard Testimonies

The Value Of A Bible

Beginning Today

The Little Bent Spoon

Looking Back

Devil's Beatitudes

Don't We All

The Sneeze

The Road to Success

Little Flower

Christians Are Co-laborers

The Blessing Of Giving

God's Gift Undervalued


Giving in Loving Service

Personal Touch Wins

Amazing Grace

Jesus Is Always With You

Where Is The Time

Thank You, Father, for Your Peace

Giving & Receiving

He Holds My Hand

True Joy

All Saved But One

You Light The Way

An Amazing Life


True Love Never Gives Up

Hero Dog

Woman to Woman Encouragement

Eye On Sparrows

True Story About God's Work

The Bell

Love From The Heart

Make A Pearl

Faith And Prayer

Because Of The Blood

Hold Your Head High

Preparing For Battle

What Is Love

Inspiring Thoughts

A Road Less Traveled

God And The Geese


Our Sympathetic Savior

Lord Give Me A Vision


Someone To Divide With

My Thanksgiving Blessing

The Concert

Book Of Life

A Letter From Jesus

He Is

Coal Basket Bible

He's Always Right

Get Up Start Over

Sunrise To Your Soul

Cycle Of Life


Keeping A Thankful Heart

Just Drifting

Winning Them

The Blood

I am Thankful

A Photo

God Is Able

Chemotherapy Treatments

Close Watch

The Resume of Jesus Christ

Let There Be Light

The Mutual Admiration Society

Stays The Rain

Praying For Cows

Praise Me


No Where To Go?

A Blind Girl

The Caregiver

Life On A Train

The Bible and the Coal Basket

Talking About Death

Song Of Hope

New Shoes

A Broken Heart

A Reason To Celebrate

Cell Phone

The Christmas Scout

The Golden Slippers

Twas The Week Before Christmas

Christmas Is Love

A Guy Named Bill

Late For School

The Garden Guard

Mrs G. In 3B

The Plum Pretty Sister

The Pickle Jar

My Son

I know I am

God Lives Under The Bed

Anna Mae's Honor

When God Does Not Answer

Grandma's Hands

Rose For Rose

Computer Granny

Animal Crackers

Finding My Wings

A Farewell Gift

A Year Of Time

Two Babes In A Manger

The Real God's Love

Christmas Eve

Dear God

A Coke And A Smile

On Parade

BJ'S Way

Holding Hands

Being A Mom

Easter Story

The Empty Egg

The Empty Chair

Both Sides Now

Marbles And Life

Seedtime Harvest

Pennies For Prayers

They Forgot To Mention



Thanksgiving Thorn

Who Will Say Grace


Encouraging Kelly

Something Special

It Takes One

Take Your Vitamins

A Act Of Kindness

Second Hand Lessons

Their Bullet My Life

To Grandma With Love

Be Still With God

Give Thanks

If Christ Should Come Tonight

Postal Service

Take Time To

A Dog's Purpose

Mark Of Greatness

A Flower In God's Garden

Self Discipline

Stand Up

Uneaten Donuts

God's Hands

The Matchless Pearl

Think With Your Heart

Faith Is Stronger

Repeat After Me

Awesome Power Point

Three Things

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