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Welcome to our link's page. We have tried to organize this page so that you can find all of our pages and pages that we enjoy in one place.


Abraham's Seed (1)

Abraham's Seed (2)

Are You a Brick?

Accounted Worthy

A Special Index of Articles

Altar Work

Apostasy of the Early Church

Armageddon (1)

Ask Largely

A Strong City

A New Approach to Unity (1)

A Date to Remember

A Door Was Opened

A Christian An Epistle of Christ

A Heart of Flesh Given

A Day In Dr. Getwell's Clinic

Allegory of the Good Shepherd

A Healing Ministry

A Special Collection of Selected Articles

A Little Leaven

And Jesus Said

A Noxious Tree

Apostles Regenerated before Pentecost?

A Question Regarding Rev. 20

A Retreat or a Rout?

Are You On Empty?

Acceptable Service

A Sure Sign of Revival

Again, The Conscience

Accounted Worthy

A Rule for Testing Theology

Are the Jews Israel?

A Trojan Horse?

Adorning the Doctrine

Acceptable Service

As Was In Noah's Day

Approaches to God

All Israel

A Glimpse of Our Destiny!

A Foundation Laid In Zion

Abiding In the Vine

Afflictions of the Righteous

Amazing Grace

A Physician and the Crucifiction

A Testimony of God's Grace

A "Good Morning" Letter

A House Built On Solid Rock

Amazing Love (1)


Backsliding and Fainting


Barnyard Unity

Believe and Proclaim

Best Fitted for His Service

Bible Study

Bible Unity

Bible Unity Outline

Birds Lodge in the Branches

Blighted Blossoms

Blowing the Clouds Away

Blessings of Dissatisfaction

Be Brave

Body of Christ

Bogged Down

Bible Reference Center


Bible Divorce and Remarriage

Be Ye Doers of the Word

Bacon 'n Egg Religion

Being Easily Entreated

Brief Guide to the New Testament

Babylon Is Fallen

Bible Teachers

Bible Study Guide

Becoming A Man After God's Heart

But Jesus Sent Him Away

Being Easily Entreated

Blowing The Clouds Away

Be Brave

But Jesus Sent Him Away

Backsliding and Fainting

Bible Traffic Violations

Baptized With Fire!

Back to Zion

Be Ready When He Comes

Bringing Many Sons Unto Glory



Babylon - Man Made Religion

Blameless and Harmless

Blow the Trumpet In Zion

Break Loose from False Religion

Birth Control

Becoming Sons of God

Be Ready!




Cain's Sacrifice


Captivate Your Thoughts

Caring People

Carnality: Seat of Divi

Casting All Your Cares

Certainty of Eternal Life

Church that Jesus Built

Christ At the Door

Christian Dress

Christian Stewardship

Christian Unity

Christ In Me

Christ Our Life

"Christmas Special": Index

Christ Our Model

Christ's Triumphal Reign

Christ's Return


Consider Jesus



Crucified to the World

Can A Christian Fall From Grace?

Christ Our High Priest

Christian Home Life

Can't Get Along on a Minimum

Church Morals

Choosing to Look on the Positive Side

Children and Sunday School

Christ's Second Coming

Consequences of Procrastination

Can We Say, "Weep Not" to Others?

Crucified To the World

Christ Our Model

Christ In Me

Christ In You

Christ Manifested

Cain and Abel

Capital Punishment

Christians In the Night

Conformation and Transformation

Counting the Cost

Choosing a Mate

"Come Out of Her My People"

Christian Adornment


Chosen In Him


Dangerous Assumptions

Divine Authority of the Scriptures

Daniel's 70 Weeks

Decision for Truth

Deny Yourself

Depth of Sin Is Unknown

Devil: Angel from Heaven?

Difficult Texts Explained




Discipline Brings Blessings

Dividing the Spoil With the Strong

Divine Power Is Immeasurable

Divorce and Remarriage

Don't Quit

Doubting Spirits

Destroying the Worry Tree

Divine Physical Healing for You

Daring Articles

Do You Know Yourself?

Difference Between Anything and Everything

Doctrine of the New Birth

Daily Strength

Doing Something Worthwhile

Do You Need Patience?

Dealing With Temptation

Do We Truly Know What Christ Has Done for Us!

Different Kinds of Men

Does God Speak to You?

Days of Noah


Depression and How to Hold On

Divine Health

Divine Order

Divorce and Remarriage

Defense of the Gospel


Divine Healing


Exposing the Lie of Carnal Security


Eggshell Christians

Endless Loop

Ephesians and Your Incredible Future



Evil - Well, What About it?

Exhibiting God

Expect Rain

Expository Talks: Second Coming

Eyes...Fixed On Jesus

Evik Surmisings - Enemy of Unity!

Errors of Modern Tongues Advocate

Exerpts from A. W. Tozer



First Crisis of Redemption

Faith In Action

Faith and Works


False Doctrines Cause Division

Father Knows Best

Fellowship With God


Figurative Speech

First Things of Pentecost

Fighting the Good Fight of Faith

Fishless Fishermen


Fertilizing the Worry Tree

False Refuges

Feel Like Quitting? Don't!

Figurative Speech

Fighting the Good Fight Of Faith

Following Whithersoever

Fret Not Thyself

Fellowship With God


Fruits of the Worry Tree

Footstool of God's Throne

False Prophets

False Teaching

Faith Healing

Fear Not, Thou Worm, Jacob


Grass Roots of the Church

Gonna Quit?

God Cares About Us

Grace Free?

Getting Even

Gifts of the Spirit

Give As He Gave


God Abounds Toward Us - We toward Others

God Can I Get To Know You?

God's Purpose to Save the World

God's Sparrow

God's Will and How to Know It

God's Will to Man

God Which Worketh In You

God Works In Man

Gospel Giving

God's Plan of Redemption for Man

Grace + 0 = Salvation?

Grass Roots of the Church

Growing Through Grief

God Which Worketh In You

God's Will for His Heirs

Getting the Kernel

Gospel Day Ordinances

God Is Our Defence

Great Grace


God's Men are Supermen

Getting Even

Grandfather's Table

Give Thanks

God Believes In Infinite Variety

Getting Married

Good Examples

God's Original Plan

God's Time Clock

General View of the New Testament

Go Ahead...Just Use What You Have!

Good Way to Start or End Any Day

God's Plan for the Church

God's Remnant

God's Kingdom

Gospel Day Israel

God's Wrath

God's Invitation

Great Deception

Great Tribulation


He Careth for You

How to Understand the Revelation

How to Overcome Disappointment

How Are Your Ear Connections?

Humble Equality of the Apostles

Having Eyes to See

How Should We Face a Storm?

How to Fertilize Love

How to Know God's Will

Hail Removes Lies

Half Truths

Hands and Feet

Have Salt in Yourselves


Healing In the Plan of Salvation

Heavenly Wisdom

Heed Intuitional Warnings

Holy Life

Home Life

How We Got Our Bible

Hunger and Thirst After Righteousness

How to Work God's Joy Machine!

How To Keep Out of Trouble

How to Keep Safe and Secure

He Maketh me to Lie Down

How Much Is Liquor Worth?

Hope Alive!

Have You Lost Christ?

He That Winneth Souls Is Wise

Homemade Clouds

How To Keep Out Of Trouble

How Are Your Ear Connections?

How To Overcome Disappointment

How To Work God's Joy Machine

How to Resist Temptation

Holiness - What About it?

How to Walk to Please God

How to Find God

How to Keep the Word In the Heart

How Do We Examine Ourselves?

"Hear Ye Him!"


Help! I've Let Demons Into My Life

How Do You Overcome Legalism?

How Can We Know?

His Yoke Is Easy

His Grace Is Sufficient

How God Delivered Me

How Cults are Born





How to Walk to Please God


It Pleased the Lord to Bruise Him

I Will Build My Church

I Am the Lord, I Change Not

Intercessor or Protector

If Christ Should Come Tonight

Is Immersion a Prerequisite to Fellowship?


I'm Redeemed

In Christ And In Ephesus

Identifying the Church

In-growing Thoughts


Introducing James

Israel's Night

I Am the Lord, I Change Not

It Might Have Been

Is the Millennium Next?

Is God Answering Your Prayers?

"It Makes My Skin Crawl"

It Pleased The Lord To Bruise Him

In Christ and In Ephesus

Is God the Author of Evil?

It's Written! - It's Finished!

Intense Praying

Immortal Soul?

Israel's Night


Implications of the Lordship Of Christ



Jesus - Savior and Lord

John and Jesus

Join the Church?

Judgment Day

Jesus The Light of the World

Jericho Is A Type of Babylon

Join the Church?



Keeping the Commandments

Keeping Power and Faithfulness

Keep Watch Because You Don't Know When

Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

Keys of the Kingdom


Love's the Apex

Lights In the Darkness

Let's Be Earnest About Prayer

Life Here and Hereafter

Love, God's Divine Instrument

Living in the Now

Light of Seventh Day Is Equal to Seven

Letting Go!

Life and Opportunities

Light for All Men

Little Things Well Done

Living As the Bible Reads

Living Faith Makes God Real

Love - What? Why? How?

Love and the Word

Life of Paul

Let's Study the Book of Numbers

Let's Live As overcomers

Let's Get Excited About it!

Lies About the Millennium

Leaving a Testimony Behind

Let's Trust the Lord!

Looking at the Old Testament

Lessons From The Early Church

Love, Witness, Hope, Purpose

Light and Darkness

Life Out of Death


Life Is a Pilgrimage

Let's See Him As He Is


Mystery Babylon

Maintaining A Good Attitude

Making A Happy Home

Making An Image to the Beast

Mt. Kilauea Erupts Again!

Making A God

Marriage And Divorce

Meddling With the Scales

Meeting the Lions

Mission of the Messiah

Mental Prayer

More Than Conquerors

Motives That Lead to Obedience

Meeting the Lions

Meddling With the Scales

May The Good Lord Bless and Keep You

Man's Final Rebellion

Miraculous Lying Signs and Wonders

May We Become Affiliated With You?

Must We Agonize?

My Heart Needs Thee O Lord!

My Dream Message

My Heart Needs Thee O Lord!


"Neither Give Place to the Devil"

Necessity Of The Devil

No Wonder

Non-Miraculous Lying Signs and Wonders

New Heavens

No, Don't Quit


Our Life Is to Adorn the Doctrine

Our Attitude

Once Again...Forgiveness!

Our Future Home

One Way!


Our Internet Prayer Room

Once More...Prayer!

Opening the Sixth Seal

Odors From Golden Vials

Our Great High Priest

One Man Pastor


Preparing to Pour Out the Vials

Putting Clouds Over the Sun

Principles of Divine Law

Praying Minority is Undefeatable

 Preparation Needed to Sound The Trumpets

Put On the Whole Armor

Paul's Gospel

Paradise Restored

Peace, Peace...Where Is It?

Peace of Mind

Peace On Earth?

Peace: True and False!


Perfect Peace!

Perfect and Eternal Peace

Personal Evangelism

Paul's Persuasion

Philips Questioning

Philosophy and Tradition

Problems of Eternal Moment

Put On the Whole Armor


Praise Me!


Preparing to Pour Out the Vials


Pray Like This

Press On and On!


Paul's Persuasion

Preparation Needed to Sound the Trumpets

Press On and Out!

Perfect In One

Premarital Sex

Practical Side of Religion

Praying Minority: Undefeatable

Prayer: An Enjoyable Experience

Praying According To God's Will

Praying Love





Quotable Quotes - Great Wisdom!

Questions Regarding Pornography

Question About the Millennium





Radio Bible Course

Ripening Character

Rise And Progress of the Church

Religious Duties Without a Purpose

Rays of Hope

Relationship Between God's Law and Love

Revival Needed?


Responsible Reformation

Reformation Prayer

Religious and Religion

Remaking Ourselves

Rending Our Hearts

Renewing the Kingdom

Resentment is Our Enemy

Responsibility of Knowledge

Rest for God's People

Remaking Ourselves

Rise and Pray

Rev. 20 and the 1000 years

Religious Background

Revival...or Satanic Counterfeit

Revisiting Psalm 23

Refiner of Silver


Serving Christ Acceptably

Shining Forth in Adversity

Self-made Barriers

Silas Birdbrain's Mistake

Standing in the Breach

Simon of Cyrene

Spiritual Ears

Special E-mail Pages

Study of Ephesians

Some Seeds Fell On Good Ground

Spiritual Groweth

Spiritual Home of the Redeemed

Special Hymn Selection

Seven Parables and Seven Churches

Since You Live But Once

Studing Colossians

Studying 1st, 2nd and 3rd John

Sin, We Must?

Study of Self-Righteousness

Study: All About Prayer

Studying the Psalms

Study of the Holy Spirit

Study of James and Jude

Spiritual Retrogression

Study of the Revelation

Setting the Right Example

Salty Ambassadors


Study of Romans

Saving Faith

Sayings About the Bible

Scarecrow Religion

Secret Rapture of the Church?


Selling All, to Buy

Setbacks and The Cure!

Seven Trumpets to be Blown

Shadows: The Gospel In Type

Sowing the Tares

Speaking the Truth in Love

Spirit Drilling

Stewardship of Possessions and All

Studying Stewardship

Statement of Faith

Stripping For the Race


Sunday Faces

Sunshine and Shadows

Self Made Barriers

Sponges and Watering Cans

Some Fell Among Thorns

Sin...Well, What About It?

Spiritual Retrogression

She Hath Done What She Could

Symbols in the Revelation

Seeing Clearly

Sex and Marriage in the Light of God's Word

Sexual Perversion

Sandbox Rock

Spiritual Blessings In Heavenly Places


The Man Child

The Red Dragon

The Great Apostasy

The First Beast

The Second Beast

The Lamb

The Everlasting Gospel

The Plagues

The First Three Vials

The Fourth Vial

The Fifth Vial

The Sixth Vial

The Unclean Spirits

The One Gospel

The Most Extreme Question

The Second Beast

The Widening Witness

The Great Apostasy

The Christian Attitude

Truth in Babylon?


Taken In by "Left Behind:?

Things Most Surely Believed

The Bible

The Bible Way

Thorns that Choke

The Christian Attitude

The Silence of Christ

The Church and the Apostasy

The Church of God

The Church vs Babylon

The Diotrephes Syndrome

The Experience of Death

The Evening Light

The Everlasting Gospel

The Tabernacle of God Is With Men

The Valley of Grief

The Road to Happiness

The Secret of a Happy Life

The Heavenly Way

The Book of Hebrews

The Hiding Place

The Eternal Home of The Family of God

The Judgment Reveals All

Thy Kingdom Come

The Kingdom of God

The Latest Improved

Tho The Lord Be High

The Lord Hath Need

The Messiah in Zechariah

The Mirage of Evil

The Model Life

The Mission of Christ

The Mountain On Fire

The New Lump

The Church Reigns Over Satan

The Poor in Spirit

The Purpose of the Cross

Three Necessary Rations

The Reformation

The Final Retrospect

The Woman

The Man Child

The Revelation God's Great Disclosure

The Sabbath - Old and New!

The Salt of the Earth

The Sculptor's Work

Two Ways of Seeing

There's a Way that Seems Right

The Cause of Setbacks

The Seven Churches of Asia

The Sign of His Coming

The Soul

The Spirit-filled Life

There's Value in Stillness of Mind

The Supreme Example

The Great Suppers

The Blessings of Dissatisfaction

Three Necessary "Rations"

The Helplessness of the Gospel

The Balkers

The Ant

The kingdom of God

The Word of God

Thine Is The Kingdom

Three Spiritual Elemts

True Bible Tongues

Trees Burn Up - Symbol of God's People

The Sounding of the Seven Trumpets

The Christian Church, It's Rise and Progress

The Transformation of Divine Energy


Truth Wisely Described


The Word of the Beginning

Through It All

The Age of Beauty

The Christian Consecration

The Holy Spirit

The Test of Obedience

The Spirit He Gave Us

The Beginning of Knowledge

The Thousand Year Mystery

The Binding of Satan

The Man of Sin

The Loosing of Satan

The Name of the Lord

The New Testament Church

The Author of Confusion

This Present Darkness

The Judgment of the Jewish Nation

The Kingdom of God

The Critical Need

Testimony: God's Faithfulness


"What do you mean, Remnant Church?"

Will All Israel Be Saved?

What About Eternal Security?

What About Sabbath Keeping?

Where's Your Faith?

What About Genesis

What About the Jews?

Why Professing Christians Differ?

What Now?

Why I Believe As I Do

What Did Jesus Say?

Why Paul Was Conderned

Wisdom and Understanding

Working Out

Worship From the Heart

What Makes A Christian

What the Redbird Told Me

What's Salvation Mean?

What Happened to Soloman?

Why I Believe the Old Book

What To Do With The Devil

When God Withdraws Himself

What Happened to Solomon?

Waiting On The Lord

What the Bible Teaches

What to Do With the Devil!

What Makes a Christian?

When God Decides to Step In!

What Is Truth?

Where the Joy Is!

White Robes

Who Are the Wise?

Who Are the 144,000?

Whose Admonition Do We Take?

Why Examine Ourselves?

Why the Children of Israel Rejected Messiah

Winepress of the Wrath of God

When God Withdraws Himself

Worship from the Heart

What Makes a Christian?

What's Your Word Worth?

World vs the Bible

Weight of the Word

Why Will Ye Die?

Zion, Mt. Zion and the New Jerusalem

Winepress of the Wrath of God

Where's The Balance?

What's the Church and Where is It?

Why Is Our Faith Weak?

When God Sent Down Holy Fire

Who's Hungty for Unity?

What Kind of Bird Are You?

When God Seems Far Away

What A Nag!

The Baptist Top 1000