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A Bucket Full of Shrimp

Why People Eat Birds

Bank Of Memories


Teach Him Early



What A Dog Teaches

An Old Farmer's Advice

I Can't

A Smile



Do You Have A Twinkle

Generation "Y"...


Sand Fantasy

Don't You Just Love Them Patients...

Good House Keeping Tip

A Little Walk Around Yourself

Hard Times

The Law of the Garbage Truck

A Childs' View Of Thunderstorms

Flu Do Si Do

A Monkey

Old Age Gift


Attention Children

Judge Not

Cute One

Funny Kids

Finding The Way

Beautiful Message

Where Did All the Lumberjacks Go

Mt Rushmore Secret

Wood Work

Front-yard Christians

The Best Of The Bar

What Is It?

Classified Ad

Walmart Cake


Nick's Testimony

Ten Rules

Pup In Charge

Dunk Shot

 Dial A Human

3 Year Old Tells All


Amazing Art

Barking Flowers

Look A Like

They Won't Let Me In Either

Maxine & Jesus

60 Somthing

Free Advice

A Six Year Old

Where Is The Time

Two Words


If Woman

Horn Guy

Unseen Friends

Kid's Notes

Pregnant Turkey

In case you have not smiled today!

Life On A Train

Recycle Old Computers

U Got Mail

One Of Those Days

Monitor Cleaning

A Dictionary for Women

Rules For Kids

Mom's Laundry Rules

Tips For Men

Laws Of Work

First Kiss

Dog Dictionary

Thank You

Back to the Basics

Bridal Registry

Coffee Art

A Texas Morning

Grandma's Age

Water Pistols

Life After Death

Climb The Walls

Palm Sunday

The Flour Sack

Little One's

The Duck And The Devil


Deficient Noun Disease

Instructions For Dogs

Explain God

New Five Dollar Bill

Finnegan The Squirrel

Even Rocks Pray

To Much Coffee

Why Dogs Shouldn't Use Computers

The Next Survivor Series

Puppy Size

Nine Gifts

A Great Cup Of Tea

Chocolate is a Vegetable

Once In A Lifetime

Life's Tug Of War

Smile But Not To Wide!!!

Last Year On The Computer

Best Blonde Jokes

Kid's Thoughts

Idiot Sightings

Innner Strength

Take Home A Smile

Good Night

Brain Teasers

To All My Friends

Sunday Morning

Montana State Trooper


Perfect Hearing


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